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*2019 Preview*
Journals, Notebooks and Danglies

Hardcover Journals
New journals up-cycled from used hardcover books.  As always all hardcover journals include writing prompts that are out-of-context quotes from the original books.  Titles include:
  • Jane Austen: the Complete Novels
  • Jane Austen: the Complete Works
  • The Complete Novels of Jane Austen
  • Common Bonds*
  • The Great Divide*
  • The Hidden Staircase
  • Images of a Vibrant Life*
  • In a Sacred Manner I Live*
  • Shakespeare (the complete works)
  • Luscious Chocolate*
  • Season's of Life
  • The She Project*
  • The Tide of Life
  • The Writer's Brush*

For a complete list of titles available (excluding some of those listed above), see the bottom of this page.

The Tide of Life journalThe Complete Works of ShakespeareThe Tide of Life interior
Shown to the left are the hardcover journals Tide of Life and Shakespeare (the complete works) outside and inside.  Note, as with many of the journals, the hand-torn pages in the Shakespeare book. 
                She Project hardcover journalWatercolor journalThe She Project
                interior  Several of the new hardcover journals this year have watercolor-paper pages.  Shown to the left are two of these, The She Project (outside and inside) and an unnamed smaller sized journal.  There are five of these latter, each with a unique cover design.  Also, the titles designated above with an asterisk have watercolor pages.
                NotebooksVintage Handkerchief
                NotebooksNational Geographic
New watercolor notebooks (for a total of 13 now available), vintage handkerchief and button notebooks (for a total of 19 now available) and National Geographic journals (for a total of 15 now available).  Note the new watercolor notebooks feature a drum-leaf binding, which allows the pages to stay open even more easily.
Scrap BooksTiny Scrap Books
Shown to the left are some of the many new scrap books and tiny scrap books.  More than 160 of these are now available.
Book Danglies
Some of the many new book danglies are shown to the left.  Each string of books features five titles by a single author.  In the middle of each of these books is the first sentence of the particular title.  Authors include:
  • Alcott
  • Austen
  • Christie
  • Dick and Jane
  • Dickens
  • Doyle
  • Fitzgerald
  • Grisham
  • Hemingway
  • Keene
  • King
  • Krueger
  • Poe
  • Rowling
  • Sanford
  • Seuss
  • Shakespeare
  • Snicket
  • Tolkien
  • Twain

Three new danglies made of geometric shapes arranged in feng shui order are also available.

Complete List of Hardcover Journal Titles

1963 (Grolier Yearbook)
20th Century Typing
Acts of Love
Advantage Through People
Adversary (The)
American Peoples Encyclopedia Year Bk
Assemblers and Loaders
Babes in Birdland
Bathroom Trivia
Behavior of Man
Best Sellers (1976)
Bobbsey Twins on a House Boat
Come Love a Stranger
Common Bonds
Countries and Their Children
Cyr Reader, Book 4
Dame Care
Danger Trail (The)
Dearly Beloved
Death in the Family (A)
Discrete Time
Don't Look Now
Economics of Money and Banking (The)
Elsie Dinsmore
Etiquette for Moderns
Family Circle Cookbook
Famous Poems
Federal Tax Course
Fifty-One Tales
Golden Treasure Book
Harbrace College Handbook
Heads You Lose
Hidden Staircase (The)
High Roads
How to Make Good Pictures
If Love Is a Game, These Are the Rules
Images of a Vibrant Life
Italian Casserole Cooking
Jack London
Jane Austen, The Complete Novels
Jane Austen, The Complete Novels
Jane Austen, The Complete Novels
Kathy Martin: An Affair of the Heart
Land and People of Japan
Listening Made Easy
Lodger (The)
Lying Awake
Marriage and Family Experience
Money, Love
Montezuma's Daughter
My Pillow Book
Mystery of the Fire Dragon
New Name (A)
Nicholas Nickleby
No Easy Circle
No Greater Love
O River, Remember!
Old Herb Doctor (The)
Opposite of Fate (The)
Plain Cooking
Popular Science
Practical Commercial Arithmetic
Pride and Prejudice
Princess and the Pauper
Princess in Love
Quick Cobol
Remembrance of Things Past (Marcel Proust)
Remote Surveillance
Ruggles of Red Gap
Salt Dancers
Sapphire and Silk
Save Me
Scarlet Tree (The)
Secret Letters
Sense and Sensibility (Jane Austen)
Shakespeare (The Complete)
She Project (The)
Shining Through
Shropshire Lad (The)
Signs of the Times
Sportsmanlike Driving
Teachers, Administrators
This is My Beloved
Tide of Life (The)
Toward the Next Economics
Unknown Guest
Vogue's Book of Etiquette
War Made Easy
War of Desire (The)
Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary
Welcoming Kitchen
When in Doubt, Tell the Truth
Wicked Appetite
Woman (The)

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