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                  Handbook - cover view
This unique journal
is made from a rescued copy of the 1947 "Girl Scout Handbook." 
I bound blank pages into the book cover using a cross-variant of long and kettle stitches.  These are visible on the spine over ribbons, which serve to anchor the cover to the book block (a term which means all the pages of a book as a whole).  The book block contains six signatures (a term for groups of pages). 
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GS Handbook - pages view

  I have included out-of-context quotes from the original book on several of the pages.


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                  Handbook - promise and laws quote
Writers may use the quotes as writing prompts.

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                  Handbook - diary quote

Or, as in the case of this quote, writers may find direction on how to keep a diary!


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                  Handbook - friendship quote

 This quote may suggest points of agreement (or disagreement) about the nature of friendship (or the character of the writer's particular friends!).


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                  Handbook - writer badge quote
Or, if the writer is task oriented (and wants to earn a Girl Scout badge), this quote gives specific activities for writing.


Note: I give the page number of each quote, when available, and list the publication information on the last page of the journal.

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                  Handbook - inside front cover

Paper on the inside front and back covers is from the original book.

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                  Handbook - inside back cover
On the inside back cover is my unique signature medallion, which also shows the year I made the book.
The journal has an attached beaded ribbon bookmark.
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                  Handbook - paper bookmark

I include a paper bookmark listing the book's main features.

Dimensions of the journal are approximately 6.5" x 4.25" x 1.3".