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Practical Commercial Arithmetic - front cover
This is a one-of-a-kind journal made from a rescued copy of the 1910 book "Practical Commercial Arithmetic," prepared by D.C. Rugg especially for use in the Minneapolis Business College.
I have embellished the cover with a vintage photograph of a young man, unknown to me, but who certainly looks to me like an up and coming, early last century business person!
Practical Commercial Arithmetic - pages

I water stressed the pages for this journal.  Water stressing involves hand tearing each page and dipping it for a few minutes into water colored with acrylic paint.  Then I hang the paper to dry on a wooden clothes drying rack before binding the pages into the book.  I like the look, feel, and sound of water-stressed paper when I write on it.  You get what I like!

On several pages are out-of-context quotes that I have selected from the original book.

Practical Commerical Arithmetic - observe quote

Writers may use the quotes as writing prompts for inspiration or reflection,
Practical Commercial Arithmetic - prove quote

As points of agreement or disagreement,
Practical Commercial Arithmetic - which quote

Or simply as places to begin a meandering thought journey.
(Aside:  "Practical Commercial Arithmetic" was long on numbers but short on interesting words!)

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Practical Commercial Arithmetic - outside cover

  I bound the pages into the book cover using long crossed and kettle stitches.  These are visible on the spine over ribbons, which serve to anchor the cover to the book block (a term which means all the pages of a book as a whole).  The book block contains two signatures (a term for groups of pages). 

Back to the Top Practical Commercial Arithmetic - inside front
The inside front and back covers are copies onto card stock of my original watercolor painting.

Back to the Top Practical Commercial Arithmetic - inside back

  Note, I give the page number of each quote, when available, and list the publication information on the last page of the journal.

On the last page is my unique signature medallion, which also indicates the year I made the book.
The journal has an attached ribbon beaded bookmark.
Back to the Top Practical Commercial Arithmetic - paper bookmark

I include a paper bookmark listing the book's main features.

Dimensions of the journal are approximately 7.7" x 5.25" x .5".