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Time front with

This is a one-of-a-kind journal upcycled from a used Life Science-series book, "Time."

I embellished the graphics on the cover by cutting out ivy leaves from a copy onto cardstock of my own original watercolor painting.  I glued these onto the cover and drew in vines with a waterproof marker.

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Time outside
The pages of the journal are a linen-rib-textured, cardstock-weight paper, which will resist bleed through from ink or marker use.  I have hand torn each page to fit the size of the book.

I bound the pages into the book cover using long and kettle stitches.  These are visible on the spine over ribbons, which serve to anchor the cover to the book block (a term which means all the pages of a book as a whole).  The book block contains three signatures (a term for groups of pages). 
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I include out-of-context quotes on some of the pages to be used as writing or art-inspiring prompts.

Now here's something different from all other but one of my upcycled book journals...  Ok, it's embarrassing to admit but I mixed up the quotes for two journals of the same physical size.  Another journal, already in a journaler's hands, has the quotes that came from "Time."  This journal has quotes from that original book, "America's Wild and Scenic Rivers."  The quotes are just as wonderful, I assure you, but... sorry about that...
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  Writers/Artists may find inspiration in the quotes. 
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Time wilderness price quote

They may react for or against the quote (or ignore it all together).

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Time meandering river quote

Or they may use the quote as the starting point for a meandering thought journey.

Note: I give the page number of each quote, when available, and list the publication information (for "America's Wild and Scenic Rivers") on the last page of the journal.
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The paper for the inside front and back covers is a copy onto cardstock of my original watercolor and marker mandala drawing.  Under the drawing and to reinforce the spine are actually pages from "Time."

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Time inside back

On the inside back cover is my unique signature medallion, which also indicates the year I made the book. 

The journal has an attached ribbon bookmark with a watch, no longer, of course, in working order.
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                  paper book mark

I include a paper bookmark listing the book's main features.

Dimensions of the journal are approximately 11" x 8.25" x .9".