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Seuss danglie -
                full string
For Dr. Seuss book lovers!

This string of small books is for hanging in a window or from a light fixture.  From the top of the fish-line loop at the top of the string to the bottom of the last book, the string measures approximately 26".
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Seuss danglie - front covers

The danglie has five titles all by Dr. Seuss.

The covers are scraps of decorative paper glued over discarded book pages to give them added rigidity.

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                inside quotes
The pages of the books, which measure approximately 1.5" x 1.3", are all blank, except the middle two pages.  There is the opening text of each particular book.
I bound the books using a glue-based, drum-fold  binding technique.

Seuss danglie -
                back covers

On the back of each book is a mirror to catch and reflect light.  (I have danglies hanging in my dining room and kitchen windows and from the light fixtures in my kitchen and studio.)
On the last book in the string, I have attached one of my
signature medallions,
 which also states the year the danglie was made.