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0477 - front cover
 This is a one-of-a-kind journal, upcycled from a rescued April, 1977, National Geographic magazine.  

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I use a glue-based drum-fold technique to bind the new journal pages into the magazine cover.  This means each page is made up of two pieces of paper glued together.  The pages will therefore resist bleed through if the writer/artist uses markers.  The paper has a surface shine similar to regular magazine paper.

I have included out-of-context quotes from the original text on several of the pages.

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Writers may use the quotes as writing prompts for inspiration or reflection,
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Or as points of agreement or disagreement, or simply as places to begin a meandering thought journey.

I give the page number of each quote when available.

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The quote at the beginning of the journal reads:
"Beauty is where you find it."

The publication information appears on the inside front cover.

I have reinforced the cover of the magazine with orange card stock and hand torn each paper along a straight-edge ruler to give the pages a rough texture when viewed from the side.
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I have preserved both the inside and outside covers of the magazine, including the advertising!
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On the inside back cover is also my unique signature medallion, which states the year I made the book.