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What do I want to do with those stacks of beautiful National Geographic magazines I inherited from my parents?  Make journals out of them, that's what!
 My process is to remove the pages from the magazine and replace them with magazine-like, shiny, white paper.  I hand tear each paper down to the size required for the cover and then bind the pages to the original cover using a drum-fold, glue-based binding technique. 
These blank books also contain out-of-context quotes from the original magazine on may of the pages for use as writing or art-making prompts.  Examples of such prompts are: "They regarded themselves not merely as a part of nature, but as nature's equal;" "For a bamboo seedling to reach full growth and maturity may take five to ten years; meanwhile the growers face economic disaster; and "Where history ends and myth begins in this tale, no one will probably ever know."
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September 1977
Item #: ng-2201

July 1980
Item #: ng-2202


Dec 1975 front
December 1975
Item #: ng-2010

October 1980
Item #: ng-2204

November 1983
Item #: ng-2205

February 1984 front
February 1984
Item #: ng-2012

January 1982
Item #: ng-2206

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January 1979
Item #: ng-2207

July 1984
Item #: ng-2208

January 1977
Item #: ng-2301

July 1981
Item #: ng-2302

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January 1984
Item #: ng-2303

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