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all books with pen
Fish, old technology, vintage motels, and googly eyes!

This collection of five unique little books are made from odds and ends in my studio. 
Back to the Top Fish Book - front cover from side  Fish Book - side view This book is covered with a plastic decorative paper and embellished with frothy yarn and a fish button. 
  The binding is drum-fold, meaning that papers are glued together making each page a double thickness and, thus, resistant to ink bleed through.

The book measures approximately 3" x 4.75" x .75".
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                  exterior  CD book - interior
The basis of this book is a discarded CD.  Each page was (laboriously) hand torn in a semi-circular shape.
The book is bound with long and kettle stitches.  It measures approximately 4.75" (diameter) x .4".

disc book -
                  front  disc book - outside open
The basis of this book is a discarded 3.5" computer diskette.  It is embellished with a wooden star, decorative braid, and a jewel.  The book is bound with a long stitch.  It is approximately .5" thick.

Back to the Top postcard book -
                  front  postcard book - back
The covers of this book are two vintage motel postcards embellished with vintage rick-rack.  The binding is drum-fold.  The book measures approximately 3.5" x 5.75" x .25".
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googlie eye book
The cover of this book is a scrap of fabric embellished with googly eyes.  Inside pieces of a copy of my own watercolor painting cover the fabric.  The binding is a long stitch.  The book measures approximately 1.25" x 2.3" x .3".
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all books - signatures
I have signed all books and include the year the book was made.  Most books have my own unique signature medallion.