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Scrap Books
                  Collection of 5
This collection of five unique little books are made from odds and ends in my studio.  Each is bound using a drum-fold, paste technique.  This means that papers are glued together making each page a double thickness and, thus, resistant to ink bleed through.
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Red Floral Book
This book, which measures approximately 4.75" x 2.75" x .3", uses fabric scraps pasted over cardboard for the covers and part of a repurposed earring.
Red Floral Book -
                  spine view
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Butterfly Girl
The cover of this book has several layered elements.  At its base is a thin Japanese paper pasted over cardboard. Centered on that is a magazine image.  And over that is the image of a child stamped onto part of a children's book page.  I stamped the butterflies onto scraps of paper I use for the inside covers of other journals.  The book measures approximately 4" x 3.5" x.4".
Butterfly Girl
                  Book - spine view
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The cover of this book is made from a bamboo-like wall covering sample.  I also embellished the cover with a small blossom left from my earlier demolishing of an artificial flower stem.  The pages are a marbled gold color.  The book measures approximately 2.5" x 2.5" x .25".
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The cover of this book is made from a remnant of fabric containing several squares, some with a "framed" image.  I further enhanced the cover with part of a discarded jewelry pin.  The book measures approximately 2.25" x 3.9" x .25".
Back to the Top Organic Drawing
The front cover of this book is an organic pen and marker drawing that I did for a trading tag in an artist group I belong to.  The back cover, visible in a photo below, is an embellished Children's Theatre ticket stub.  The page paper is a marbled green color.  The book measures approximately 3.25" x 1.5" x .2".

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                  spine view
This photo shows the three smallest books in an open-spine view.
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                  medallion view
All the books have my own unique signature medallion on the inside back cover.  The medallion also shows the year I made the book.