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fantasy trees boxed set in box
For people who like to watch the seasons change, here is a set of four mini journals, one for each season of the year.

The containing box is small enough and attractive enough to sit out in various places such as window sills, desks, or tables.

Writers can use the journals to note weather conditions, plant and animal appearances, or simply thoughts or poetry whether or not they are related to a certain season.

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fantasy trees boxed
                set - out of box

I made the container by covering a small box I had laying around with extra pages from books I had dismantled for other projects.  I then embellished it with lightly glittered ribbon and fabric I cut into the shape of leaves.

The journals themselves are made of a stiff paper board covered with decorative Japanese paper.   
I bound the books using a glue-based drum-fold technique.  This means each page is a double-paper thickness and many kinds of pens and markers can be used in it without bleeding through.

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fantasy trees - books in a line

On the front of each mini journal is a copy of my original watercolor and pen drawing of what a fanciful tree might look like in that season.  I have handwritten the name of the season on the spine of each book.

I hand tore all pages of the journals for a rough, natural look.

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winter book


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I have signed each journal and the box with my unique signature medallion, which also gives the year the item was made.
The box measures approximately 2.5" x 1.4" x 2.75"